Monday, January 7, 2008

The Winners & Loser

>Winners have time to think, Losers are lazy to think
>Winners work smartly, loser work blindy hard
>Winners see problems as a challenge, losers as a burden
>Winners think green, losers think red
>Winners see light, losers see only darkness
>Winners solve problems, losers are disolved by problems
>Winners persevere despite defeate, losers entertaint defeat
>Winners continue working while others have stopped, losers stop working before other
>Winners are achives, losers sustainers
>Winners think and act, losers act and think
>Winners live their own life, losers other's life
>Winners : "I can", Losers : "I can't"
>Winners are farsighted, losers short-sighted
>Winners : "What can I do for them?", Losers : "What can they do for me?"
>Winners transcend environment, losers are being controlled by environment
>Winners make thing happens, losers merely wait for t to happen
>Winners are non conformists, losers conformists
>Winners believe they can change, progress and improve; losers think otherwise.
>Winners regard "man" as the highest and greatest value, losers are tools to realise their goals.
>Winners never quit, losers quit too soon and too readily.
>Winners are self-desciplined, losers self-indulgent
>Winners have high regard for them-selves, losers look down upon them-selves
>Winners believe in themselves, losers put their trust in fate

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