Monday, April 28, 2008

Tears Of Heaven

By Aulia Rakhman
It's rainny night, in the darkness
I'm so lonely
I'm so sad
I'm crying
Crying myself
why I'm so stupid, redicolous
I'm made some mistake
again and again
oh Lord, oh Alloh the allmighty
I'm praise to You
Will You give Your mercy to me
I'm afraid, I'm a sinner not a saint
I'm full of mistake
For Alloh and Rosululloh SAW
I want to be a better man, better moslem
I want to be a saint not a sinner anymore
Ya Alloh, Ya Robb
Ya Rosululloh
I hope tears in my eyes
will erase my mistake
I'm crying, I'm so sad
I'm so shame
I've a lotta sin
I'm afraid Ican't reach Your heaven, Your Firdaus
If I die tomorrow I'll be alright because I believe
that after we're gone, that's a new life, the immortal life
we never die anymore
We live in the heaven
together with Rosululloh
in the firdaus
Alloh will you grant my prayer

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