Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Del Piero: «We waited a long time for this win»

17 September 2008
Del Piero: «We waited a long time for this win»

Two years of anger, tension and sacrifices were unloaded in that shot towards Zenit's goal. With his remarkable free kick, Alessandro Del Piero didn't simply give the team a crucial win in the Champions League, but maybe put an end to the period started with the relegation to Serie B for good. From today, Juventus are to all effects and purposes back where they belong, where they deserve to be thanks to their history and their pedigree.

When he celebrated, the Captain showed his joy to the world with an unusual somersault, and then confirmed his feelings in the post-match interviews: «We've been waiting for this win for two years, that's why we were all so happy after the goal and then after the final whistle. This game, just like many other results from other games, demonstrates that it's really close in the Champions League and it's never easy to win. That's the reason why our win tonight is so important. Obviously I'm very happy about the goal. Perhaps it isn't the most beautiful free kick I've ever scored, but maybe it's one of the most important».

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